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Experienced Fort Lauderdale Franchise Lawyer Douglas P. Solomon

If you are thinking about becoming involved in franchising, then its important to work with an experienced Fort Lauderdale business and franchise attorney such as Douglas Paul Solomon, who has been successful in the area of franchise law. Attorney Solomon understands the complexities, benefits, and challenges of franchise law, and with over thirty years of experience in business law, has been an able advocate for those seeking to franchise their business and those looking to purchase a franchise.


Franchising Basics in South Florida

A franchised business has developed a systematic method of defining itself and its products or services. Franchising involves identifying certain products and/or services with a specific brand that is recognized through a trademark and other branding materials. A franchise is composed of various elements, including the brand (logo, catchphrase and proprietary property), specific products and/or services that constitute the brand, and methods of marketing, distribution, and delivery. A franchisor, who has developed and owns the product, may sell to a franchise the right to distribute and sell the company’s products and/or services using the company’s name and other aspects of the brand.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees franchising as it relates to interstate commerce, while Florida franchise law focuses on franchising within state borders. There are numerous legal considerations to address when one is creating, selling, or purchasing a franchise.

Working with a Franchise Lawyer

If you are creating, selling, or purchasing a franchise in the state, you will want to work with an attorney who is completely knowledgeable of and well versed in Florida franchise law and compliance with federal disclosure requirements. Attorney Solomon offers a range of experience that includes, but is not limited to, franchise disclosure documentation, franchise agreements, and various related franchise law issues. One should never create, nor should one ever enter into a franchise agreement, without the services of a skilled attorney who understands each and every aspect of this legal area.

Franchise Attorney Fort Lauderdale

If you require assistance with regard to franchising contact Fort Lauderdale franchise attorney Douglas Paul Solomon at (305)- 542- 0254. Protect your hard work, creativity, and investment.

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