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Real Estate Transactions

Fort Lauderdale Attorney : Douglas Paul Solomon

Over a period of more than thirty years, attorney Solomon has handled both commercial and residential real estate acquisitions, leasing, and financing. These transactions include preparing contracts for the purchase and sale of multi-unit rental apartment buildings, townhouse communities, and individual residences and residential developments – as well as office, residential, and retail business leases. He has represented individuals, and developers, and banks providing construction loans and mortgage financing.


As a title insurance agent, and closing agent, as well as counsel to buyers and sellers, he has examined title and addressed title objections – both to clear title and facilitate closings and to identify potential problematical issues before a client takes title.

He has additionally had the unique experience of representing a national title insurance company client when claims have been made on its title insurance policies.

From contract to closing or leasing, Mr. Solomon’s clients benefit from representation based on his several decades of experience and thorough attention to detail.

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