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The Basics of Franchising in South Florida

Fort Lauderdale Franchise AttorneyFranchising is a type of model that combines some of the aspects of working in corporate America as well as sole proprietorship. It’s a hybrid way to work in a business that fills an important gap between what it’s like to work for yourself as well as working for a small business or large corporation.

According to research, there are about 3,000 existing franchise brands operating in more than 250 industries across the United States.

Begin with the Basics… There are two primary forms of franchising. The first is known as trade name or product franchising. This means that you own the right to a trademark or a name and you can license or sell the right to use the particular trademark or name.

Bear in mind that franchising is not actually its own industry. Instead, it’s a method of doing business that could be applied to numerous sectors. It’s always a good idea to hire a franchise attorney in Fort Lauderdale before initiating a business relationship.

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Business Format Franchising… On the other hand, business format franchising is based on a more complicated relationship with a franchisor, who provides franchisees with a broad spectrum of support and services. In return, the franchisees sign legal agreements about how they will conduct operations regarding rules that are set by the franchisor.

Franchising Is a Team Effort… In order for any individual franchisor to achieve success, you must be able to operate an individual unit over the course of a long term. The success of a brand is based on an ongoing and solid relationship and communication between the franchisee and franchisor.

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Franchising Can Be One Way to Build on an Existing Business Base

The greatest appeal for individuals getting involved in franchising is that they have an opportunity to secure their own future by building on a business model that has already been created or tested.

This also removes some of the costs associated with building a business from the ground up because many of the rules and necessary items in order to launch a business are already included when it has been created by a franchisor.

The franchise model has become extremely popular in recent years for investors and wealthier individuals who want to purchase more than one unit at a time. For example, an investor might purchase all franchise units within a particular geographic area.

Another popular aspect of franchising that is on the rise is known as multi-brand franchisees. This means that the franchisee has numerous brands under one single organization.

This helps the individual to capitalize on economies of scale, efficiency and market penetration in order to improve profitability. The main reasons that a successful franchisee would look into additional brands is because they are looking for a new complementary brand or because they have already conquered the territory for the current brand.

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How to Conduct Research About Franchising Before Getting Involved

When you are thinking about purchasing a franchise in Fort Lauderdale, you need to be knowledgeable about the main the company itself.

Here are some tips on what to ask before getting involved:

  • Ask for specific details and reports that can illustrate how the business has succeeded in other areas. This is especially important if the franchise is relatively new.
  • Analyze the franchise agreement in great detail. This is because you need to be clear upfront about everything you are responsible for in this relationship.
  • Have the franchise agreement reviewed by a franchising attorney in Fort Lauderdale so that you are aware of all of your rights and responsibilities under the agreement.

Do Your Homework with a Fort Lauderdale Franchise Attorney

When done properly, owning a franchise can be an exciting opportunity. You just need to remain knowledgeable about your options and the responsibilities you have to the franchisor so that there are minimal opportunities for conflict and problems down the line.

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